We are a leading international industrial company involved in the manufacturing and sale of machines and films for food packaging and have been present in the fresh food market for over 70 years. With approximately 500 employees, more than 120 patents granted in different countries worldwide and 5% of our turnover invested in R&D, we have always pursued the same goal of being a partner to our clients in helping them find the most suitable packaging solutions. We operate in premises dedicated to the processing of fresh food and in retail stores, and have solutions that cover all food sectors: meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, gastronomy. We offer all customers a perfect synergy between packaging machines, innovative packaging films and widespread customer service.

The Group consists of 3 manufacturing units, 2 in Italy and 1 in Switzerland, and 6 sales and service companies in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Russia. Operating in about 80 countries, we are perfectly integrated in the distribution chain and distinguish ourselves with our constant attention to customer needs.

Some important figures:

• 25 operational EXTRUSION PLANTS for the production of neutral films for food, printed four-colour film for food, film for food for MAP applications.

• 15 BILLION PACKAGES PER YEAR: with our machines and films, we protect and preserve the freshness of over 15 billion packages per year sold in stores, also in the homes of consumers.

• Over 35,000 MACHINES INSTALLED globally.

• MACHINE-FILM-SERVICE SYNERGY: starting from the raw material, we are the only manufacturer of automatic packaging machines, plastic films for food, neutral and printed, offering a comprehensive technical support service.

Research and Development - Gruppo Fabbri


Technological innovation, research and development of new solutions have always been distinctive values ​​of Gruppo Fabbri. The incessant activity of designing machines and systems has led to excellent results in the field of packaging, guaranteeing the highest standards of production quality that represents the best in the sector today.

The Elixa project:
machines and films that have changed the world of packaging

One of the main objectives was the development of synergies between machines and films, largely achieved with the Elixa project, still one of the most common packaging systems for fresh food.

The XPEED thermo-sealers and the new Elixa series
In 2009 the R&D team created a new line of thermo-sealing machines, XPEED, to meet the needs of MAP packaging of fresh food products. In the same period, it developed a new series of packaging machines, Elixa (XP, ZX), aimed at providing an ever better solution for stretch packaging of meats and fresh foods. Significant investment in design, moulds and equipment made the use of innovative materials possible that guarantee improved machine performance in terms of speed and reliability.
In 2015, Elixa serie has been further optimized, thanks to the introduction of the new Elixa 14, Elixa 21, Elixa 24, Elixa 35 ed Elixa 30L. Gruppo Fabbri thus consolidated the already renowned reliability of technical solutions offered by their own R&D department, always at the service of current and potential customers.

All the production technology results from the work of Gruppo Fabbri R&D which continues to research innovative solutions, not only designed to meet the needs of the end user, but also to continuously improve production processes within the company.


Code of Ethics adopted by the Board of Director
of Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.

Organisation, Management and Control Model - general part - pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, adopted by
Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.


We were one of the first companies in the world to develop packaging solutions, starting from the early 50's. The company's strength is that of anticipating the latent needs of customers and exploiting several market trends over the years, always staying abreast of the latest technological innovations.

The 80's and 90's witnessed our commitment to developing solutions unmatched in the world, with the creation of innovative materials in the field of stretch films and machines of the Elixa series, still among the most popular in the world. During the following decade, we developed solutions for the MAP market, with dedicated machines and films. Today we continue to research and create materials for both the industrial and the retail sector.

History - Gruppo Fabbri
History - Gruppo Fabbri